hides® TechnoSkin

The ultimate in Multifunctional Eyewear Accessories just got better! The hides®TechnoSkin provides the same basic essentials of the hides® Classic 3-in-1 (strap, case and eyeglass cleaner) eyewear accessory but also includes our exclusive and patented Detachable Strap feature along with the added benefit of our Impact Expansion Joint ("IEJ") technology.

The Detachable Strap feature allows you to detach the case and eyeglass cleaner from the strap. In this configuration the strap portion can be clipped to itself and adjusted to become tight fitting during more mobile and physical activities. The IEJ, acting like a shock absorber on a car, ensures additional security should a high impact situation occur. The last thing you want while hanging upside down in an inverted crawl is your expensive sunglasses falling down the side of the rock cliff.

The detached case and cleaner section can then be used to protect/cover/clean a watch, as a sweat band, to form a fashion coordinated ponytail, protect another pair of sunglasses or as a low stress tie down.

Available in a wide array of colors (Black, Red, Orange, Navy, Royal, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Pink and Olive) and simply great all on its own, the hides® TechnoSkin was designed primarily for extreme sports, high endurance activities, racing and high impact activities. Find a retail outlet near you, or buy a hides® Technoskin online today!  hides® - the ultimate in Multifunction Eyewear Accessories!