hides® SportGrip

The hides® SportGrip is essentially a Technoskin (strap, case and eyeglass cleaner) sans Clipcase. It is designed for people who prefer the shortened superior hides® eyeglass strap but do not need the microfiber Clipcase that's standard with the Technoskin. (For those who prefer the same shortened fit, but also want the case, check out the Classic Shortie and H2O Shortie).  The Sportgrip is useful for applications such as racing, hiking and climbing where reduction of headgear weight is desirable and conversion is not. The hides® SportGrip is designed to secure eyewear during racing, extreme sport, highly physical activities and areas that involve bodily inversion.

Of course the SportGrip is manufactured from the same high quality, lightweight, super soft, machine washable and comfortable microfiber as other hides® models. Like the Technoskin and H2O, The hides® SportGrip also features our patented Detachable Strap and IEJ technology for added security and convenience. The hides® SportGrip is available in a wide array of colors. Find a retail outlet near you, or buy a hides® SportGrip online today! hides® - the ultimate in Multifunction Eyewear Accessories!