hides® Shorties H2O

hides® "Shorties" H2O provides a shorter arm length (13 inches) than the regular H2O Retainer (22 inches). It is designed for people who prefer the superior hides® eyeglass strap for water sports but enjoy a shortened fit. Useful for water applications where the possibility exists of losing expensive eyewear in the water (such as surfing, fishing, playing in the surf at the beach and hanging out at the pool).  The shortened length reduces the overall retainer weight, provides the ability to adjust the retainer for an extremely  tight fit when the glasses are on, and keeps the glasses close to the body when lowered. The hides® H2O Shorties are designed to secure eyewear during extreme water sport, highly physical activities and areas that involve a risk of loss of your expensive eyewear in the water. Find a retail outlet near you or buy a Shorties H2O online today.