hides® H20

No more Davy Jones Locker for your expensive sunglasses. This ultimate Multifunctional Eyewear Accessory floats! Manufactured from superior grade, high buoyancy neoprene the hides® H20 provides flotation for most sunglasses and eyewear. We haven't found a pair that will sink them yet!

The H2O is essentially a floating Technoskinwith all of the Technoskin's creative, and patented, conversion capabilities. Like the Technoskin, the H2O is 22 inches long (If you prefer a shorter cord length, consider the H2O Shorties) and includes our exclusive and patented Detachable Strap feature along with the added benefit of our Impact Expansion Joint ("IEJ") technology The Detachable Strap feature allows you to detach the H2O's neoprene case from the strap. In this configuration the strap can be clipped to itself and adjusted to become tight fitting during more mobile and physical activities. The IEJ, acting like a shock absorber on a car, ensures additional security should a high impact situation occur. When the case is removed it also provides security when the retainer is used in extreme sport, high endurance activities, racing and where loss of expensive sunglasses in the water may occur.

While the high grade neoprene case offers excellent flotation in either the attached, or detached configurations, it does not match the superior lens cleaning characteristics of the microfiber featured in all the cases/cleaners that are standard with other hides™ models. To achieve superior lens cleaning and take your multifunctionality to another level, when purchasing an H20 we suggest that you also consider purchasing an additional, and interchangeable, hides® Clipcase in any one of the 8 available colors, or camouflage. Find a retail outlet near you, or buy a hides® H2O online today! hides® - the ultimate in Multifunction Eyewear Accessories!