hides® GoggleSkin

The ultimate in large Eyewear Protection. The standard sized hides® eyeglass case is usually too small to cover dive masks, motorcycle and ski goggles, and some of the extremely large sunglasses. The hides® GoggleSkin was specifically developed to solve that problem.

Presenting Multifunctional Eyewear Accessories at it’s pinnacle - Built large enough to handle large eyewear problems, the GoggleSkin offers the same protection and exceptional cleaning properties of other hides® models. It includes the IEJ technology also available on the Technoskin, SportGrip and H2O, but has something even those products do not: a special quick release security clip to help secure your expensive gear.

Many of our customers have also discovered that the GoggleSkin's usefulness is not limited to large eyewear, but works extremely well as a means to store, protect and secure all types of eyewear because of the included eyewear clip. Just use the clip to attach the case, with its protected cargo, in, or on, a purse, backpack, or belt loop, providing worry free protected eyewear storage and quick access. With the GoggleSkin you no longer have to choose between hauling around a bulky hard case or letting your expensive eyewear go unprotected. Find a retail outletnear you, or buy a hides® Goggleskin online today! hides® - the ultimate in Multifunction Eyewear Accessories!