Our Products

hides® produces the only product in the world that combines the essentials of an eyewear retainer (for security), case (for protection) and cleaning cloth (for performance) all in one high quality product. This is how the hides® retainers works.....

hides® products are designed and manufactured based upon the specific demands of an active lifestyle. All hides® products over deliver in terms of performance, functionality, comfort, durability and style.

At hides® we take multi-function very seriously and to a whole new level through our patented and exclusive Double Roll Technology manufacturing process. Manufactured from high quality micro fiber, surgical grade tubing and high buoyancy neoprene, our materials are simply second to none!

hides® products are ideal for anyone concerned with high performance eyewear security, comfort, performance or just looking cool. Look for our full line display at your local active lifestyle specialty retailer, or buy hides® online.

hides® Classic

This is where the 3-in-1 (retainer, case and cleaner) revolution all started.

hides® Classic Shorties

hides® has produced a new product known as the "Shorties" which provides a shorter arm length for the Classic retainers.

hides® H20

This ultimate Multifunctional Eyewear Accessory floats!

hides® Shorties H2O

hides® now has a new product known as the "Shorties H2O" which provides a shorter arm length for the floating H2O retainers.

hides® TechnoSkin

The ultimate in Multifunctional Eyewear Accessories just got better!

hides® SportGrip

Designed for people who prefer the superior hides® eyeglass strap but do not need the microfiber Clipcase that comes standard with the Technoskin.

hides® ClipCase

Designed to be used as a super lightweight protective eyewear case and cleaner.

hides® GoggleSkin

The ultimate in large Eyewear Protection.