The secret behind hides® products is our Double Roll Technology. The Double Roll Technology enhances the natural memory and elasticity characteristics of the microfiber resulting in an eyewear case/cleaner that quickly and effortlessly rolls back into shape after each use.


These features are unique, innovative, multifunctional and not available in any other eyewear accessory product within the category. But we did not stop there.  To ensure maximum performance and additional safeguards, hides® also incorporates several design enhancements to accentuate maximum performance and exceed our customers expectations.  For example, we have selected microfiber and surgical-grade silicone tubing as the key constructive elements of all hides™ products. Microfiber offers the ideal combination of light weight, elasticity, comfort, memory retention, ink adhesion, softness, multi-material lens safe cleaning ability, washability and the overall durability required for our customers’ demanding applications. The surgical-grade Silicone tubing allows all hides® models to snugly and securely fit a very wide array of eyewear styles.

With the H2O retainer we replace the microfiber case with high buoyancy neoprene.  Though not providing the superior lens cleaning characteristics microfiber does, it offers excellent flotation properties and is available in multiple high visibility colors. hides® also owns a patent covering our exclusive Detachable Strap feature that enhances the overall multifunctionality of hides® eyewear accessory products.  The Detachable Strap uses an added Impact Expansion Joint (IEJ) as an additional feature and is designed for extreme sports, high endurance activities, racing and bodily inversion activities.  The IEJ is a shock absorber that adds protection should a high impact situation occur.  This feature is available on the Technos and H2Os and, since the H20's high buoyancy neoprene is slightly less flexible than microfiber, the added IEJ also offers increased flexibility, dual expansion and recovery characteristics, increasing the H20s usefullness.

hides™ Multifunctional Eyewear Accessories - the ultimate in Protective Sunglasses Accessories; Multifunctional by Design!