Consumers, Industry Retailers Endorse Multifunctional Eyewear Necessities

First-ever 3-in-1 system functions as case, cord and lens-safe cleaning cloth

A unique line of multifunctional eyewear necessities known as hides™ is picking up support and endorsements across broad consumer and retailer markets around the world. From the eyewear industry to backpacking to boating, hunting and fishing, hides™ is receiving international applause and kudos.

What sets hides™ apart from other eyewear accessories is its dual patented technology that combines the essentials of an eyewear retainer, case and cleaning cloth into one product.

The key to this multifunctional design is the patented and exclusive "Double Roll Technology" which allows the microfiber to form a retainer or unroll and become a case and cleaner all-in-one simple and easy to use product. To use you simply stretch the hides™ from hinge to hinge to cover and clean the lenses. When glasses are removed from the case, the material automatically re-rolls itself to its original retainer shape.

hides™ is a very unique and exciting product line as it's the only multifunctional eyewear product of its nature available in the world. Clearly hides™ are the most exciting innovation in eyewear necessities in the last 10 years. Eyewear is a major part of our everyday lives. Our active culture puts eyewear at risk for loss and lens damage, and hides™ offers three degrees of protection, in one product, to help everyone make their eyewear last longer.

hides™ come in six styles with each designed to meet a wide range of user specifications. Every hides™ design provides users with a number of benefits previously unavailable in one product.

• hides™ Classic $7.95 MSRP

This is where the 3-in-1 (retainer, case and cleaner) revolution all started. The patented hides™ Classic is the one and only, original, multifunction eyewear necessity that single-handedly redefined the entire category! Made from very high quality, super soft, lens-safe microfiber and combined with our hides™ exclusive Double Roll Technology, the hides™ Classic is the most comfortable, full feature, eyewear retainer you will ever own! Available in a wide array of colors, the hides™ Classic is designed to exceed most of your everyday and active lifestyle applications.

• hides™ TechnoSkin $9.95 MSRP

The hides™ TechnoSkin provides the same basic essentials of the hides™ Classic (retainer, case and cleaner) but also includes our exclusive and patented Detachable Strap feature along with the added benefit of our IEJ technology. The case and cleaner detaches to allow the retainer portion to become tight fitting during more mobile and physical activities. The IEJ, acting as a shock absorber on a car, ensures additional security should a high impact situation occur. The detachable case and cleaner section can then be used to protect/cover/clean a watch, as a sweat band, to form a fashion coordinated ponytail, protect another pair of glasses or as a low stress tie down. The hides™ TechnoSkin is designed for extreme sports, high endurance activities, racing and bodily inversion activities.

• hides™ ClipCase $5.95 MSRP

Primarily designed to be used as a super lightweight protective eyewear case and cleaner, we have found that the hides™ ClipCase makes an excellent protective cover/cleaner for a watch, a sweat band, as a ponytail or low stress tie down. The hides™ ClipCase is manufactured from the same high quality microfiber as other hides™ products and is machine washable, super comfortable and very durable.

• hides™ H20 $11.95 MSRP

No more Davy Jones Locker for your expensive shades! Manufactured from superior grade, high buoyancy, neoprene the hides™ H20 provides floatation for most sunglasses and eyewear. The hides™ H2O also converts into a separate, floating, protective case that can be used for a separate pair of glasses, to protect a dive watch or as a low stress buoyant tie down. In addition the hides™ H20 features our IEJ technology allowing added security when the case is removed and the retainer is used in extreme sport, high endurance activities, racing and where bodily inversion may occur. While the high grade neoprene offers excellent floatation, it does not match the superior lens cleaning characteristics of the microfiber as featured in all other hides™ models. To achieve superior lens cleaning and take your multifunctionality to another level, we suggest purchasing an additional and interchangeable hides™ ClipCase.

• hides™ SportGrip $5.95 MSRP

The hides™ SportGrip is designed for applications such as racing, hiking and climbing where weight control and reduction is an issue. The hides™ SportGrip is designed to secure eyewear during racing, extreme sport, highly physical activities and areas that involve bodily inversion. The hides™SportGrip is manufactured from the same high quality, lightweight, super soft, machine washable and comfortable microfiber as other hides™ models. The hides™ SportGrip also features our patented Detachable Strap and IEJ technology for added security and convenience.

• hides™ GoggleSkin $8.95 MSRP

The hides™ GoggleSkin was developed and designed for divers, skiers, snowboarders and larger facial eyewear applications where weight and multifunctionality are of concern. The hides™ GoggleSkin offers the same protection and exceptional cleaning properties of other hides™ models and also features our IEJ technology and a quick release security clip for added security and convenience.

All hides™ models are available in a wide variety of colors.

The hides™ multifunctional design has earned us two patents. We designed hides™ for ease of use, versatility and comfort. We're excited about the groundswell of support hides™ are receiving.

For retailers, hides™ displays typically experience six turns per year. New, stylish Point-Of-Purchase are also available. Because the product is "3-in-1" retailers save on shelf space. New POP displays cover as little as half-a-foot of counter space and hold up to 50 units.

This is a necessity product not only for the summer season, but for year-round purchasing at a very attractive price point. Changes for 2008 include lower price-points, better packaging and POP's for faster sell-through, revamped pricing schedules and an aggressive Brand Demand Campaign that is targeting 125,000,000 consumers. We are very serious about building an internationally recognized high quality brand.

hides™ is located in Stuart, Florida. For more information about hides™ please visit Or phone 866-287-0667.