Declares Hides a "Must Have Retainer"

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Here’s an overview of sports retainers that help people keep their eyewear handy while they’re outdoors. 

Randall L. Smith, MEd, ABOM

In general, people buy retainers so they won’t lose their glasses. The risk of loss or damage increases, however, in the warmer weather when people become more active and spend more time outdoors. The following products help keep eyewear in reach at all times. 

hides’ H20 retainer offers security, protection, and cleaning, all in one retaine


How about a case and retainer all in one? hides kicks technology and multi-purpose usability up a notch with its line of retainers which come in several colors and styles. The retainers, (Classic, Technoskin, H2O, and SportGrip) perform three functions in one: security, protection, and cleaning.

For example, when the Technoskin is not being used as a snug retainer, its compact pouch-like case serves three functions: it’s an extender, so the eyewear can be hung around the neck, it’s a case for storage, and the soft lens-safe material is also a handy cleaner.

Help your patients keep their eyewear safe and secure this summer with a good quality sports retainer. 

Randall L. Smith is the Opticianry Program Director at Baker College in Jackson, MI.

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