California Kayaker Magazine recommends hides®


Fall, 2011

California Kayaker Magazine has written a nice recommendation for hides® here.  If you're into kayaking, check out page 27 of issue 7 for Fall 2011 first - and then read the rest of the mag.  

Outdoor Retailer Update

The stock market is gyrating more than I have ever seen, our government
can’t seem to make any decisions, and unemployment rates
remain way too high. But none of this was apparent inside a big cement
building in the middle of a desert that people in the paddlesports industry
go to each summer.

The event is the Outdoor Retailer trade show (OR), where our local
shops go to get wined and dined by all the manufacturers, who are
showing off the latest and greatest products.

Here is some of what was new or interesting at the show:

Hides ( has come out with an eyeglass retainer strap
that has an integrated pouch in the back that serves as a glasses case.
They have 2 models - one where the material can be used to clean your
lenses, and the other of a floating material to prevent you from deepsixing
your specs.