Brad Wiegmann Review


Summer 2012

Brad Wiegmann, a professional outdoor writer, fisherman and guide, reviewed the hides clipcase here.  While you're there, check out the rest of his website. 

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FLW Magazine Reviews hides®

Spring, 2012

FLW Magazine has written a nice recommendation for hides®.  You have to log in and, if you're into Bass and Walleye Fishing, you should.  But the article is attached below too. 




hides_April_FLW Declares Hides a "Must Have Retainer"

Issue Date: VCPN July 2011 from


Here’s an overview of sports retainers that help people keep their eyewear handy while they’re outdoors. 

Randall L. Smith, MEd, ABOM

In general, people buy retainers so they won’t lose their glasses. The risk of loss or damage increases, however, in the warmer weather when people become more active and spend more time outdoors. The following products help keep eyewear in reach at all times. 

hides’ H20 retainer offers security, protection, and cleaning, all in one retaine


How about a case and retainer all in one? hides kicks technology and multi-purpose usability up a notch with its line of retainers which come in several colors and styles. The retainers, (Classic, Technoskin, H2O, and SportGrip) perform three functions in one: security, protection, and cleaning.

Gossamer Gear Recommends hides®


Gossamer Gear, whose motto is "take less. do more" recommends hides to their readers looking for the benefits of going lighter on hikes using multiple use items.

I’m ready to start!

You’re a believer. You’ve done some reading, maybe hiked with somebody who had an amazingly light pack. Whatever the reason, you’re convinced of the benefits of going lighter, you just don’t quite know where to start. The first thing to remember is it’s a process. Don’t expect to achieve miracles right away, just start down the trail and learn and lighten as you go. One of the most powerful things you can do is to adjust your expectations. If you try to duplicate your everyday home experience in the backcountry, you are going to be carrying a heavy pack. So let’s start that journey. We’ll cover the following:

Expedition Kayak Reviews hides®


Monday, March 28, 2011

New South Wales

Read original article here: Expedition Kayaks Blog

Hides H2O, a Sunglass Retainer

One of Rob's clients, Dave Rowan, bought Rob a brilliant pair of sunglass retainers a few months back as a thank you, called Hides H20. We reckon they were clearly designed by a kayaker who has committed untold expensive pairs of shades to the depths, because in a lovely compact little package, they pretty much cover all the bases familiar to every single paddler with a lamenting look on their face as their prize Oakleys disappear into the harbour.   (Click the title above to read more)

Consumers, Industry Retailers Endorse Multifunctional Eyewear Necessities

First-ever 3-in-1 system functions as case, cord and lens-safe cleaning cloth

A unique line of multifunctional eyewear necessities known as hides™ is picking up support and endorsements across broad consumer and retailer markets around the world. From the eyewear industry to backpacking to boating, hunting and fishing, hides™ is receiving international applause and kudos.

What sets hides™ apart from other eyewear accessories is its dual patented technology that combines the essentials of an eyewear retainer, case and cleaning cloth into one product.

The key to this multifunctional design is the patented and exclusive "Double Roll Technology" which allows the microfiber to form a retainer or unroll and become a case and cleaner all-in-one simple and easy to use product. To use you simply stretch the hides™ from hinge to hinge to cover and clean the lenses. When glasses are removed from the case, the material automatically re-rolls itself to its original retainer shape.

hides® Earns The North American Hunting Club Member Tested Seal-of-Approval

Monday , July 21st 2003

Stuart, Florida

Stuart, FL – Its time to chalk another point up on the board for hides, LLC and their successful products. hides, LLC offered up samples of their TechnoSkin version of hides® to over 350 members of the North American Hunting Club for a field-testing analysis. The result? An outstanding 93% approval.

hides® is a three-in-one eyewear accessory that functions as a case, retainer cord and lens-safe cleaning cloth all in one product. The TechnoSkin version of hides™ is unique in that there are detachable clips on either side of the case section so that the case can be detached, and the cord shortened for a more secure grip.

hides® Sunglass Skins Gain International Attention Through ISPO Dupont's Branding Award

Tuesday , January 7th 2003

Stuart, FL.

SunCepts, Inc. is proud to announce their achievement as Finalist in the Sportswear Accessory Category of the ISPO DuPont BrandNew Award Contest.

BrandNew is the largest start-up competition in the sports industry for brands or companies younger than four years and with an innovative product. Companies, brands or persons with a striking idea send in the necessary information and samples that will be evaluated and judged by an international jury consisting of competent and experienced sports business professionals. hides, LLC, the product: Sunglass Skins, the brand: hides®.