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The history of the 3-in-1 hides® retainer

The original company, SunCepts, was formed in California in February of 2000 to globally market the newly invented, and patented, line of multifunction eyewear necessities that was then known by the registered brand name hides® and consisted of the Classic. The hides® "3-in-1" description describes the Classic's three combined eyewear traits: an eyeglass retainer (a/k/a cord, strap, leash) with a protective case and a soft cleaning cloth, all in one product.

In 2003 SunCepts relocated to Stuart, Florida and successfully marketed and operated hides® for the next five years slowing adding the H2OTechnoClipcaseSportgrip and Goggleskin products. 

altIn June 2008 the hides® brand was purchased by two families in Stuart and the headquarters, offices, warehousing and fulfillment were moved, literally, just down the street.

In response to customer suggestions for a shorter fitting H20 and Classic, in 2011 hides® created the H2O Shorties and Classic Shorties.

The new management team at hides® is committed to developing, and strengthening, the global brand that is recognized for being top quality, fashion-forward, innovative and multifunctional. We are 100% committed to earning a solid reputation based on superior quality products, design, service and marketing expertise.

This commitment is best exemplified through the numerous product awards and accolades that hides® has earned from leading consumer and trade publications and associations:

  • ISPO – Brand New Award
  • Motorboating Magazine – Boat Keeper Award
  • North American Hunting Club – Seal of Approval
  • Backpacker Magazine – Years Best Gear Award
  • North American Fishing Club – Seal of Approval

How to use hides® 

The concept of the hides® retainer is, and always has been, to provide the most versitile and convenient eyeglass retainer with the ability to retain glasses, cover and protect them when being stored, and clean the lenses.  After hides® are inserted on your eyeglass arms, you can adjust the fit by moving the arms of the retainer up and down the arms of your glasses.  After taking your glasses off, flip the case section around and to the front of your glasses, then manipulate the case so that it covers the lenses.  When done correctly the case will stay on until removed.



Why we have eight (8) different hides® 

We have eight different products because people use and store their eyeglasses, and sunglasses, in different ways.  hides® has attempted to offer the correct product for each person's particular needs.   What is perfect for a person that frequently fishes on a boat (the H2OH2O ShortiesClassicClassic Shorties and Techno) might not work at all for a person that needs them for driving, or for their 3-D TV glasses (the Classic or Techno work great in those situations).  Often, some people don't need the retainer function at all - they just need a soft case (the Clipcase (for regular size sunglasses) and Goggleskin (for the largest of eyewear) solves that problem).  Others want everything (Again, see the Techno for that solution).  And for those that think the overall length of the Classic and H20 are too long, the new H2O Shorties and Classic Shorties collection  solves that problem. If we have done our job right, hides® has the perfect retainer, case and cleaner for you.

hides® Construction and Cleaning

All retainer arms and cases (except for the case on the H2O and H2O Shorties) are made with lens safe mirofiber and are machine washable. So, when your retainer becomes dirty - remove it from your glasses and throw it in the wash, or wash it with dish soap in the sink.  Once dried, it will be as good as new.


Nobody beats our guaranty.  If you have any problems or are ever dissatisfied with any of our products (no matter how old, where you purchased them or if you got them as a gift) please let us know.  In most cases we will replace anything we made that you are not 100% thrilled with.  We stand by every product we sell and want all of our customers happy.  Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions or concerns.