• hides®  - 3 in 1
    The retainer that turns into a case
  • hides® 3 in 1 Classic
    This is where the 3-in-1 (retainer, case and cleaner) revolution all started.
  • hides® 3 in 1 TechnoSkin
    The ultimate in 3-in 1 Multifunctional Eyewear Accessories just got better!
  • hides® 3 in 1 H2O
    The H2O floating retainer. Insurance for your expensive eyewear.
  • hides® Sportgrip
    When you need to secure your shades during extreme activities.
  • hides® Clipcase
    Even without a lanyard you can keep your eyewear close, and safe.
  • hides® Goggleskin
    Goggleskin's over-sized soft case with swivel clip.
  • hides® Style
    hides® Style
    Look your best while keeping your expensive eyewear safe and accessible.
  • hides® for the Active Lifestyle
    hides® for the Active Lifestyle
    Always there when you need them.
  • hides® On The Dock
    hides® On The Dock
    Used by Real Fishermen
  • hides®  On The Water
    hides® On The Water
    Royal Blue Techno and Red Sportgrip 30 miles north of Bimini.
  • The H2O Floats
    The H2O Floats
    The H2O and the H2O Shorties will float your expensive eyewear.